Saturday, January 23, 2010

Planning ahead

Do you do this? Go away somewhere and find yourself thinking about what you could/should be doing at home? I do it frequently: come home from away with a Big List and Great Plans. This lasts about until I get my suitcase in the door whereupon I get overwhelmed by the number of things on The List and decide to have a nice cuppa. The List then gets put down and the crossword picked up and another paving stone on the road to H-E-double-hockey-sticks gets laid.

I am going away next week for a few days of early Spring although, except for this morning's hoarfrost,I could just as easily stay here for that. So, early Spring (as in Snowdrops actually blooming and perhaps some diggage of earth), and taking my dad to see the company dance, and checking out the cabin and considering the roofing issue, and generally being Wonder Daughter TM for a few days. All good plans except for the coming home with The List, then the cuppa, the crossword, the cross words, and so on and so on. This time, I decided, Will Be Different.

I already have The List. There are 6 items on it with estimated time for completion beside every one. #1 and #3 are already done (well except for putting a few things back where they belong) est. time: 1.15 h, actual time 2.54 but that was because I was Dunging Out TM in an orderly fashion (Haiti box, Drop-In centre box, rubbish) and some of the action actually overlapped a bit in #2 and #5 so I'm really ahead in those areas, right?

Hmmmm... if this keeps up, I may finish up before I go and have to make another list. Arrggg!!

Still breathing


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