Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, it's Saturday and a glorious, sunny day and, because their website is down, I didn't know that there was new snow at my preferred cross-country area so I did errands instead. Errands which include the following:

- going to the not-this-Saturday-sucker farmers' market (dang!);
- stocking up on nuts and berries at the bulk store (extra points for buying the already bagged bulk which is even more cheaper - stop ragging on my grammar, you in the back - but not as cheap as Sr's Tuesday or Everyone's Thursday but at least I was in and out in less than 7 minutes unlike the aforementioned days which require at least that long in the check-out);
- picking up a G&M for the weekly cryptic slapdown;
- visiting the yarn store of helpfulness (I worry they will go out of business and then who will sit patiently through my trying to get out of knitting a swatch?) and getting 1, 2, 3, ummm, 4 messes sorted out (I bought some stuff, I really did!)
- signing up for a running program (I think it was the sunshine but I've paid now so here goes. We start with a minute of running and a minute of walking. I can do that. I think...)
- checking out the 70% off sale in a favourite store and finding the perfect jeans at full price (dang-dang!);
- taking my going-to-Europe-by-myself (2005 version) shoes in to the cobbler for their second re-sole (vague rumblings of possible travelling begin to stir - must be the sunshine....)
- drinking a coffee in the Bean Scene North while a pair of older dudes play a lot of tunes I know the words to and which I can pick out harmonies for (latter is a big surprise as I don't know how to sing harmony without fingers in both ears).

Not bad for a couple of hours, eh?

Off to knit on the shawl (The YSoH had The Book. Questions answered: K3tog. A bazillion sts. Knitting to the end of the yarn and then ripping back a row or two may still stand...) after putting the new jeans into the wash.

It is 1700h and there is still light in the sky... definitely

Still breathing


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