Friday, January 15, 2010

Why this is not... 3.1

That book with the pattern for the shawl I am making for someone else because the colour is so-not-me, that book has disappeared. Although I am not the most tidy of housekeepers (stop falling about laughing), this book is large enough and obvious enough to be difficult to miss even by me. I remember showing it to The Jr Girl. I do not recall seeing it afterwards. Suspicions have been raised. Accusations may be next.

All I need to know is: how many sts in the final row and is it K3tog or sssk over the first 9 rows of the pattern???

If I were a "real" knitter, I could figure it out for myself.

Or I would have made a copy of the pattern for just-in-case.

I think it's K3tog and maybe I'll just keep going until I'm almost out of yarn.

Or check the dambook out of the library.

Still breathing


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