Monday, January 18, 2010

Quiet pleasures

The Tai Chi instructor says I need to go to a "continuing" class. From anxiety-induced nausea to "continuing" in 4 months - I'm quietly pleased.

These slippers are waiting to be seamed. They took an afternoon of knitting. I'm quietly pleased.

The deer were back this morning. I tried to take a picture of them with The New Recording Device (TM) but I obviously needed to read the destructions as I kept bouncing the flash off the window. I was not pleased but I was quiet about it.

I was not quiet about the two ginormous dogs that came rampaging up the hill and scared the deer - people who don't manage their animals deserve to pay pound charges. The pound is on speed-dial and, having read the necessary pages, next time, I'll have photographic evidence. This is not just about the deer - if I'm going to get back into the running, I do not want to have to think about large, out-of-control dogs when all I'll be wanting is my next breath.

The new moon is hanging in the trees and winter constellations are spattered across the sky; much of that starlight beyond comprehension ancient, those same patterns eternal guide and comfort for journeyers and sojourners.

Still breathing


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