Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writing Women

Glory be! The Writing Women came to eat, write, and read and there are now leftovers excellente in the frig. Did you know there is a soup that is Winter Squash and Banana?? My buddy Rhoda did and made it and it was surpassing delish. As were the rice flour olive bread and the spelt flour butter tarts that came from the southern lands. All I had to do was vaccuum (small act of self-respect although I may be stretching it as I don't think the equipment has been used since before Christmas which may explain the funny colour in the corners of the hallway - you know, the new one for BenjiMoore: DustBunnyGray) and make a salad (which was neither dusty nor gray).

As usual, there was a lot to say. We only see one another as a group once a month although there may be meet-ups in between. With an age range from mother of young children to granny of young adults, we cover a lot of decades with concomitant spread in life experiences. And courage: the young'uns amaze the oldies with their brashness and the oldies blow the young'uns away with their strength under fire. We all write fabulous stuff and we all write garbage and we are learning how to tell the difference. Tonight it was poems, short story, and creative non-fiction. I have some editing to do.

But no vaccuuming.

At least, not for another month.

Still breathing


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