Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion statement

It was one of "those" days: a day when the sun is so bright that sunglasses are really a necessity and not a fashion statement. I tried the clip-ons that I think make me look like a (slightly!!) older Meg Ryan but gave up and dug out my rowing wrap-arounds to cut down on the glare. Except for the no-rowing part, it was a lovely day.

I'm due for new glasses. My Friend Heather-the-optician is not too happy that I've taken to wearing my glasses mostly propped up on the top of my head instead of my nose. She pointed out the other day that the current attractive frames are rising 8 years old and fashions do change. I've been sorry I didn't buy the frames I saw in Venice on The Grand Adventure of '05 - the ones that looked like tree branches. That particular design still hasn't arrived in the True North(perhaps because no one in their right mind who has lived with pitch on their hands would ever consider putting something remotely reminding of same near their eyes)but the colour of my leather jacket finally has. Prepare to see a lot of fucshia (pronounced "foookshya")in the near future. Somehow, I thought with the innerwebs and all that fashion/colour would travel much faster than it did in The Olden Days but the colours that were on all the models/mannequins in Italy in '05 were finally in the stores here (the last outpost of style and fashion for sure) last year. Hey: maybe I could have fookshya frames?? Would have to consider changing my hair colour as the current red might be an unhappy pairing.

Hmmmm.... does this mean it's time for another trip?

Still breathin


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