Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interface living

Well, I'm not shovelling. That is the good news. Unfortunately, I'm not skiing either nor likely to be unless it's water skiing. If this keeps up, I'll be planting the garden by the weekend.

Just in time to feed the six deer that were browsing their way across the lower lot. At least they weren't on the deck cleaning out the planters - maybe the ones I told off last year have passed the message along. Now, as long as the bear that was still wandering about in late November stays asleep (I think he/she is denned up just below the neighbours' swimming pool which could get interesting come pool filling time) and leaves my winter compost pile alone, I'll be happy. (And figuring out how to take pictures with the zooooooooom on the new recording device just in case Bruin doesn't want to sleep through....)

Still breathing.....


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