Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wardrobe issues

At certain times of the year (not usually January) I live in a cloud forest. I go to sleep and wake up to the softness of mist drifting past the windows and wrapping the trees. A walk means a jacket decision: wool to which the damp will adhere and furze up in a gauze of grey, or goretex upon which the wet sits like flattened pearls. I chose depending on my need for company: the goretex is a whisperer, the wool silent.

These days have not been cloud forest but rain forest and goretex because, despite its chattiness, it does keep the water on the outside, dries quickly and doesn't smell like a remnant of the steppes. If it continues to rain, the bag of wellies in the garage which I found while looking for the wax bucket, will be brought into play.

The last time I used wellies in winter was 1984, the year we moved here and I didn't know one "should" have winter boots. Wellies and Cowichan socks did the trick until Santa took pity on me (or thought I needed something a bit more "dressy" for Sunday-go-to-church). If I have to go back to that option, having worn out the dressy winter boots and been using my fantastic leather hiking boots (did you know a mix of Dubbin and mink oil will waterproof almost anything?? - for the past few years) I'm set.

Waterproof jacket? check
Waterproof boots? check
Waterproof hat? check this out - imagine it in a lovely brown and on my head.

Still breathing


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Beautiful. Thank you. (I miss living in the woods, but we do get the fog here, with a redwood overhead.)

2:55 p.m.  

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