Sunday, January 24, 2010


1. According to CeeBeeCee - our national broadcaster and general purveyor of information and ideas - I am not an eejit. Test the Nation: check it out online if you missed the show.

2. Making a list with estimated time for completion? Total Motivation Tool for me. Of course, my estimates so far are on the under side rather than the over (well, except for #7: dragging stuff out of the frig which should have come out weeks ago - I gave myself 10 minutes but it only took 90 seconds. I used the additional 8.30m to wash the supper dishes and re-write a chapter of War & Peace which wasn't going quite the way I thought it ought to.....) Anyways: #4 is done (est. time: 2h, actual time: 6h but it included a lot of other stuff such as ironing and mending..... Hmmm, maybe I could put those things on the list as separate items and then cross them off?? I need to get out more!)

3. My sewing machine still works - guess vacuuming the collection of gunk out of it and finding the oil and using same was a good idea. Now if I can only figure out how to measure trouser length for myself by myself. (Voice in back of head: Just hem the dang things. Your trouser bottoms are so far away from most people's eyes that they could be held up with duct tape and no one would know. Me: Have you been talking to The Sr Boy??)

Still breathing


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