Sunday, January 10, 2010

This post brought to you by the letter S

Sock news: Those Puppies are DONE. I stopped counting at 6 re-knits. 5.5 mm needles and monster yarn (fritidsgarn from SandnesGarn) made the re-knits quick but they were still re-knits. The Jr Boy seems to like them. Now I have to learn how to darn the ones he wanted darned so they can be the back-up pair. And I'm going to use up the leftover yarn to make these. Maybe even more than one pair.

Ski supply news: The ice cream pail of new wax as put together by Himself for his last season has been found - all it took was emptying a bankers box in the front hall cupboard (not there), ripping the garage apart (not there), shovelling out to the outside storage cupboard (not there, nor were the critters that have made tracks to the pushed apart screen over the ventilation holes which is a Good Thing), and, finally, bending down far enough (pretty funny when you know how tall I am - hint: not very) to actually look under the shelf in the tool cupboard. Tah and also Dah!!

Sky news: Clouds. Clouds. Clouds. Clouds.

Sculling news: None since the club, due to a bunch of stuff, had to move the boats into a no-lake access barn last September, However, for the record, the lake has been unrowable only 19 days. We lose more days in the summer. Am I aggravated???

Son news: New digs have been found and very nice they are. It will be much quieter here in a few days. And I may be missing a couch. And some dishes.

Son's sibling news: Post-hockey game text from Buffalo: "Lost car keys. Camping in the Hyatt." Hmmmm.... wonder if the Hyatt allows campfires??

Still breathing


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