Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I am wearing ear muffs in September

Blogger, you are on my S%$# List - this was much more entertaining before you LOST it.

I have a new piece of equipment and it is (thank you, Annemi) Waaaaanderful!! Actually, I don't have (as in "own") this piece of equipment but, thanks to My Good Friend, I have it (as in "on loan").

It is her 5" Random Orbit Sander and I am Sanding Wonderwoman! Actually, (I know that's the second one, stop counting!) My Good Friend is probably Sanding Wonderwoman because she has already sanded and painted her own deck but she's done for now so I am claiming the title.

The last time the deck was done was 2005. I seem to recall some excitement with a power washer and the use of a wire brush and a goodish bit of labour on the part of The Jr Girl's homme d'annee. No Sanding. I am sanding because (a) this is the last time I intend to paint the deck and (b) Certain People (you know who you are) were having such a good time that they didn't notice that the dodgasted candles had burned down and dripped wax all over the place and wax don't come out with no stinking power washer and wire brush. I've already had the power-washing done so I know about that and I hates wire brushes with the passion of forty steam rollers running over bagpipes (don't even think about getting all over me for that image: it will work for most people and for the rest of us who actually like Lagavulin, tatties and 'neeps, and haggis [which is really simply a fancy word for meatloaf/pate] as well as bagpipes, well, we are tough enough to cope with a bit of metaphor).

Ahem.... And, Sanding Wonderwoman 1.0 said, "It's easy."

She's keeeerect about easy: plug in, turn on, swoop along boards knocking off paint flakes, dirt, Candle Wax (grrrrrr), and the heads of nails, wear out a sanding pad, replace pad, countersink nails, repeat. So far, I've done 15 boards with 45 to go including the top of the picnic table. With a couple of days of decent weather, I may get done before winter.

Next up: Colour Choice. I'm leaning towards sky-blue pink but my Colour Consultant (aka The Jr Boy) will be by this weekend and I think he will be steering me towards a more "saleable" colour. Boring but better for marketing.

Still breathing (and wearing ear protection.)


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