Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Further adventures

We have a problem here at chez Poppa. Perhaps several. They are called "raccoons" and they have been feeding voraciously on the crane fly larvae that live in his overwatered lawn. Feeding voraciously looks something like this only without the tree in the middle and Poppa is not amused. Not amused looks like this and a can of smoked oysters which all very well until a raccoon gets into the trap and the raccoon is not the destructive "I need to feed my kits" mother 'coon. Nope, we done caught us a baby and it is not happy. Think hoarse squalling until it is exhausted and falls asleep. Think Mama Coon coming round and saying, "sorry, Junior, I can't get you out of that so you're on your own."

Damn. This is one time my brother would be useful - he doesn't have a soft-touch bone in his body about things like this and he's at work out of town for the next few days. Poppa and I are having a debate about relocation (not a good idea for the raccoon according to research). He wants to take it to an island (ummm, that would be a $30.00 ferry trip) for relocation. I want to deal with the crane fly larvae and let coons be. I think I won't win this round but he might see reason when he does the math (1 mama + 4-7 kits X $30.00/ferry trip = $150.00 - $240.00 + gas).

Meanwhile, I am knitting socks with my foot up listening to squalling.

And still breathing.


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