Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well that was interesting...

For those of you who have nothing else to do but wait with bated (that is spelled correctly, thank you, it is the contraction for "abated" and has nothing to do with catching something with worms and a hook) breath for the next post, you may now start breathing. Do so deeply as there are SomeThings I Have To Tell You. Namely, that, although I am trying hard not to be a liar per se, I wasn't quite giving you all the facts over the last couple of weeks.

As you will recall, when you consider what was written, I made mention of "meeting up with and travelling with" dear friends. What got left out was the part that involved finding out about how effective properly worn, full seatbelts are; how long it takes to get a tow truck from Burley ID to nearly UT; that Agnes the faithful RAV is heading for the recycling yard; and, miraculously, the only part of me seriously hurt was my pride in my driving ability.

Words to remember: Trucker from TN on cell phone to 911: "Yes, she seems to be ok except for God sitting on her shoulder." State Trooper to me: "Ma'am, we usually take people out of these (type of accidents) in plastic bags." Me to State Trooper: "Maybe you should take my picture for your ad campaign about wearing seatbelts." (Neither seatbelt use nor motorcycle helmet wearing is mandatory in ID)

Suffice to say, I was badly shaken but the shock of inevitability kicked in and then The Cavalry (blessings upon Kathy and Robert and Ann and Tony) met me back in Burley, loaded everything from Agnes into boxes and bags, tucked me into A & T's 33' motorhome, and headed onwards. I spent the journey through the rally living in the lap of luxury: own swivel rocking chair with seatbelt (lots of knittage was completed while watching WY stream by), a/c, excellent food and drink, and my own pull-out bed. Robert was delighted to tell everyone the story and, by the end of the rally, I was being referred to as "RollieTwo" (you have to know about this man to get the joke) by a few cheeky people.

Then there was The Next Stage. The original plans had been for a leisurely trip through UT to places The Boys had visited followed by however I decided I wanted to drive home as long I was back before needing snow tires. (NB: there was new snow on the mountains of northern UT on the long weekend). The Junior Boy has pointed out that I do do project organization for big things very well but this didn't seem to have much "big" attached to it until I realized that I either continued to "live" with A & T (not quite their idea of a perfect holiday, I'm sure) until we got back to BC or I sorted myself out. After conversation with ICkyBiCky and a spell of time with the notebook and pen, I decided to rent a vehicle and spend a week in UT (how long would it take to see what I wanted to and get out, eh? I mean, it's a lot of rocks and limited access to good beer and coffee, right?) and then fly home from Denver.

On paper, this looked quite reasonable. It would mean sucking up and paying a lot of $$ for hotel/motel as there would be no sleeping in the back seat of the ordered sub-compact but I wasn't going to go to the effort of getting back anytime I could see so it was only The Oncet and I'd simply Do It. Cue: Godde Laughing. And the Democratic National Love-In. And the lack of prepped sub-compact. And, TA DAH!! Guess who ended up with a mid-size crossover SUV to drive at sub-compact rates??? Good thing I didn't hand over my koakampingkard to A & T for their homeward journey. Oh, and as if making amends for letting me have A Little Learning Experience, Fred (my guardian angel, I think) reminded me that ANother friend was driving his RAV4 home from the rally and had lots of space in the back. He lives about an hour away and was quite willing to haul my gear. I packed him up and off he went leaving me with a suitcase, a foamie and a sleeping bag.

The rest you know. For the record: I will go back there. I had a job offer (complete with free accommodation) as a warm body who would take direction well (stop laughing) was more precious than gold during the fall tourist season. There is something about those ancient rocks hewn by wind, water, plants, and, very occasionally, by humans, that is draws me deeply. Simply knowing that it is "there" is enough in the same way as knowing that the nuns sing vespers in Sacre Coeur, that blackberries ripen on Gabriola, that the Milky Way and Summer Triangle and Orion and Southern Cross are "there".

I'm home now and starting the New Vehicle Process again. I think it will be another RAV. I have the snow tires after all.

Remind me to tell you about Buena Vista.

Still breathing, gratefully.


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