Friday, August 29, 2008

98 degrees in the shade

Green River, UT. Rolled into the koakampground at 1600h, stepped out of the vehicle and almost had to sit down. It's been a long time since I dealt with 98 degrees F in the shade. The host was really concerned that I might want to nap in the car right away. I was more concerned that they had no cold beer for sale.

This is spectacularly stark and spacious country. I think I will be getting up early to see the light on the edges. I kept thinking this town was much bigger as the cliffs on the west look like apartment buildings from a distance. The colours are everything from dried blood to platinum with hits of green at every little damp spot. I am "camped" near the Green River and hope that the mosquitoes will not be a trouble.

I am taking my time and stopping often. I have dipped my hand into the Colorado River in Colorado and watched the swallows swoop from their mud nests under the bridge at the rest stop where I did that. Also took a picture of a family that was driving non-stop from Louisiana to BYU to take their son (almost typed sun) to start school - they wanted as much of the background of Utah in it as possible. Mother was worried about how they looked as they had been 27 hours on the road. Father wasn't too concerned as they only had another 4 to go. The Brits from the rally would have been impressed!!!! I thought they were nuts.

Time to see if there is beer in this town. Richfield tomorrow, perhaps. There's a music festival at Moab and I may go there instead. Stay tuned but don't expect much 'til Tuesday as it's the long weekend.

Still breathing


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