Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday report

The last day of the rally and most everyone is off on a steam train ride that I decided not to take. I know that makes me some kind of a Philistine but after several days of motorcycle talk (when we are only 30 miles from the Democratic convention, I ask you??) I wasn't up for some hours of train talk, too. Besides, I needed to re-pack and re-think and re-cue myself for the next stage. After these days of a lot of people around me, I am ready to be on my own again for a bit.

The Inadvertent Potluck was so successful that a mini-version ran again last night complete with meat, beans, and beer that was rescued from the laid on BBQ lunch. Funny how there was no cake left over. The 'Muricans surely do l0o0ve their sweets! And it seems that we are getting older: we were all in bed by 2200h!!

Yesterday's adventure was driving to the end of the highest paved road in 'Murica: 14,130 feet. Yes, it was narrow, yes, it was winding, and yes, it was right some windy on the top. I travelled with dear friends from the UK who had taken The Sr Boy and I walking over the moors when we stayed with them and he kept exclaiming about how beautiful and magnificent it all was. She was more interested in the wildlife: mountain sheep, mountain goat, and marmots. I was most interested in the gaggle of bicycle riders who were right behind us at the park gate and some of whom arrived in the parking area at the top (14 miles of uphill) before we left! (We had been stopping for numerous photo ops - just like travelling with The Sr Boy!!) A few of them got away before we did and the downhill coast must have been amazing!!

Weather continues lovely: sunny with breezy days which trick one into believing that it is ok to go out without sunscreen (once) and cloud spattered canyon sunsets followed by stars that could almost be walked upon. I haven't checked the weather on the other side of the mountains yet. Fingers crossed for more of the same.

The "plans" for the next few days are a drive to places in Utah that both Sr and Jr Boys have been to and liked very much. It'll be koakamping for several nights with a blowout special treat at a lodge for one or two nights. The Sr Boy didn't get all that excited about accommodations but he brought home a brochure from this place from 2005's trip and they have space for me. I'm looking forward to a bit of sightseeing and some big sky.

Still breathing....


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