Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things I didn't know this time last week....

1. It is more aerobic to go upstairs than down but down is faster especially if falling.
2. It is possible to drive oneself to the ER with a damaged R foot. Possible but not pleasant.
3. According to the staff member who fitted me for crutches, I am 5'2" tall. Seems I have grown a couple of inches in the past week.
3.1 Crutches are useful but awkward.
4. And one's armpits get really, really sore.
5. A toilet immediately beside the sink works well for balancing one's foot while brushing one's teeth.
6. Carrying a martini glass while on crutches is not impossible although it does require some rethinking about "carrying" and "glass".

7. X-rays can be difficult to read and even doctors don't agree (although I knew the latter years ago) on what they say.
7.1 Trusting one's own intuition is a good idea.
7.2 RICE works.
8. Crutches will make excellent garden ornaments ( Climbing roses? Anti-deer fence?) when this is all done as one no longer rents them but buys them outright.

Still breathing and weight bearing gently....


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