Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colorado High

Despite the way the topo map looks, I am firmly convinced that Colorado is rocky and mountainous, and, where I am, very high up. High enough that some people at this gathering are having a bit of trouble. I figured out that my brain and breathing weren't in synch this morning when I also figured out that my water intake was limited because it is also lovely and breezy. Didn't know I could drink 1.5 litres of water over an hour and still feel thirsty.

The journey has been "interesting". Due to a variety of circumstances (details for those of you who care when I get home), I ended up connecting last Friday with my friends who left a day behind me and travelling with them. What I thought was going to be my solo journey has become an adventure in living and travelling and sharing with others who have always been good acquaintends (that's the stage between acquaintances and friends) and with whom I am learning about some new definitions of friends and the ship they variously come in. We have discovered that food prepared together is always more tasty and that both G&T and beer (especially Bitch Creek from Idaho) tastes better when poured in company. What was going to be has been redefined and it is good.

The rally is well-organized (what else from an RO who is also a pilot for a major airline??) and there are lots of people here who know me and knew The Sr Boy. I am warmly welcomed and am collecting my year's supply of guy-hugs. Deciding to come and then getting here has been a good thing.

Yesterday was all about the marque being seen on the main street of another town about 8 miles away and a further 1,000 feet up. The winter population of Central City is about 300, the summer resident pop is almost doubled by the opera company that starts its season on 10 June and finishes on 10 August. The lady in the museum said if people didn't make their money then, it was a loooonnnnggg slog until the next June! The opera house seats over 500 and they sold out every performance of Bernstein's "West Side Story" and many of Britten's "The Rape of Lucretia" and ???'s "Susannah". Bus companies run opera specific tours. To Central City, CO. Who knew??

The show was followed by a run down to Clive Cussler's car museum on some lovely m/c roads. I am not going to bother with the linkage as you either know about him or don't care. The restoration work was amazing and, of course, not being in the habit, I'd left the camera behind. Mr. C. himself arrived late in the afternoon in a very nice E-type Jaguar and chatted with a few of the owners. At least, I think it was him: the face looked like all the dust jackets but the tummy was a bit unexpected!! My best moment, though, was when one of the restoration team came out to look over the bikes and quietly said to me that his favourite was the one that "looked like it had been used and ridden." I think our friend Bill has ridden that bike all over North America, Australia (twice?), New Zealand, and Europe. Despite being the most unassuming and laid-back fellow, he was tickled when I passed on the comment.

Today is a bit quieter right up until about 1700h when the ramp up for the Inadvertent Vancouver Section Potluck Dinner will begin. We were going to have only the Brits but apparently the Brits think that they won the War of Independence and we have gone from a "nice group" of about 15 to a group of ???. I have resorted to telling anyone who asks me about the shindig: "If you are male, you are responsible for a protein main course. If you are another sex, bring salad or dessert. Booze does not count as protein!" (These handy Potluck Planning Tips are provided by Yours Truly as organizer of several of these impromptu events - what is it about some motorcycling men that they think that food will magickly fall onto their plates if all they do is show up???) Ahem.....

And as for those guys who think it is OK to roll their bikes down from the hotel parking lot to the campground to start them before 0800??? You get membership in the EMAC*!!

Quick weather report: mostly sunny during the day with late afternoon thunderclouds piling up with occasional blasts of rain. Apparently, there have been snow flurries already and the pass from Denver west to Idaho Springs has a sign advising truckers to carry chains from September to May. Doesn't leave much time for wear and tear on the summer tires, eh??

That's where things are at the moment. I am writing this in the lovely library in the children's section. My life is so boring that all of the sites I wanted to look at were allowed! I am off to check out the TommyKnocker Brew Pub for a possible tour and tasting and then a siesta before the onslaught.

Still breathing and drinking lots of water.

* Early Morning Arses Club

One more thing: is it wrong that I want to dig up the plants in the rest areas that are growing wild and that cost me $5.00/pot at the nursery?

And another thing: antelope really do play!


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