Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The day after Labour Day

Boulder Mountain Lodge is everything its publicity says: quiet (well until the upstairs elephants started at 0630h), a bird sanctuary, excellent bed, wonderful restaurant. I am rested, fed and ready for the turn north. Yesterday's road was a motorcyclist's best dream and a white-knuckle driver's worst nightmare. I stopped counting the hairpins. I also stopped looking over the non-guardrailed edges.

On this beautiful morning, I am wondering about the Anasazi people who built the village site I visited yesterday and which I can see from the lodge's upstairs balcony. Why did they leave and why did they burn the village? Lots of theories but no conclusive answers as they didn't leave any notes behind. Only speculation and the wind.

The sun is warm but the air is very cool - good for travelling.

And breathing. Still.


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