Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday is a good day to get started (again). To update: I made it home with my badly bruised foot and have spent about a week of hobbling about alternated with sitting (with foot elevated) knitting and not dealing with the accumulated detritus of the years (sounds very impressive, no?) which was what I was supposed to be doing before gadding off. So today is the restart which so far involves swigging down 1.5 espressos from the machine of Christmas '96??, continuing knitting on the "can I invent a pattern for a tank and get it finished by this weekend?" and working out one Sudoku and a bit of the weekend cryptic. Not too promising on the dejunking but there is a subtle plan and there are empty boxes.

The gadding? Two parts: Part One: Driving to Colorado solo. About 5,000 km round-trip when the side trips are figured in. Taking in the Vincent North American Rally and seeing some dear friends. Driving long distances to places The Sr Boy loved and wanted to show me and going to an event we would have gone to together so there will be a lot of "how are you doing?" which I am getting better at answering. (Have misplaced my Summer of '06 t-shirt design the children promised to make me that was to say "How the f&*% do you think I'm doing???". They didn't get their "Dead Dad's Club Member" shirts done either.) The lovely thing about motorcyclists is that they use real language ("What a bugger!" comes to mind) for this continued unreality.

Part Two: Return to Italy. Lots more km round-trip and seeing places I loved and wanted to show The Sr Boy. An anniversary trip. No t-shirts, maybe something leather again. Never occurred to us that the separate celebrations in '05 were actually the first of the rest of them. Venice for sure, Florence for maybe. Open to accommodation suggestions and possible companions. Any takers? Of course, I have to get some flights booked and other mundane details but October looks good.

Meanwhile, there is the siren call of empty boxes and garbage day.

Still breathing.

Poppa's raccoons? Still digging up the grass but now the owl is back and the balance of nature may be re-establishing itself. The kit was re-located and the trap put into the storage shed. Neither of us could stand that squalling again.


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