Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybe 2014??

Olympic knitting is not for whimps (yes, I know there is an "h" in there: from what word do you think it comes??) The last several days have been Educational but not much towards achieving Olympic Gold in the form of my completed project. If, however, I change my event (that guy did it in Chariots of Fire), I might yet be able to claim success.

Here's what I've learned:

1.) No matter what I thought, knitting the pattern sideways without putting in the actual pattern stitch and without massive re-working of the numbers is Not Possible.
1. a.) No matter that I thought this yarn would look best and make me look taller knit sideways, I Was Wrong (my children are grabbing their smelling salts) and It Looked Like Cr*p.
2.) Deciding to knit "normally" makes the yarn Look Good.
3.) Knitting a cardigan with a 6mm circ and two balls of yarn is, in theory, Possible.
3.a.) In practice, A Pattern Is Required.
3.b.) Also, a 6mm circ Longer Than The One I Own.
4.) Libraries are Wonderful Resources.
5.) Gauge Swatches Lie.
5.a.) A Lot.
5.b.) Or maybe I was Using a 6.5mm Straight to See If I Could Get Gauge.
6.) Not All Yarn Stores Are Open 24/7.
7.) Some yarn store employees have More Patience than others.
7.a.) Also: More Experience, Better Senses of Humour (at least I provide entertainment), and Tape Measures.
8.) I can now do a Long Tail Cast-on.
8.a.) If I change my Olympic event to Learning To Do the LTC-o, I will get a Gold for amount of practice time invested.
9.) Successful (i.e., accurately tensioned) knitting during the Ice Dancing is Not An Optional Element.

At present, I sit with about 9 cm of the 25 - 30 needed before starting the arm scye (told you I was not tall). I figure if I do nothing but knit, I might get to "vest" stage which, considering all the other things I've learned over the past 14 days, I will call Gold.

And I really Need a vest as I have managed to give away/lose every one I owned (well, The Sr Boy owned but I got the use of them due to circumstances beyond our control) over the past year. Yes, A Vest = Gold for me.

Stay tuned and pass the anti-inflammatories.

Still breathing


Anonymous AlisonH said...

I'm with the LYS folks; I'm highly entertained! I hope it worked out/is working out well now. And thank you for the "whimp" there--of course! I'd never thought of that! (smacks forehead)

10:18 a.m.  

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