Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Warm feet

Blog silence (I'll get to the feet part, hold yer horses!!) usually goes with not much going on except last week there was too much going on as I was in the Land of the Lotos aka The Island. Spring was spranging all over: trees were blooming, daffodils were blooming, aconites were blooming, snowdrops were.... well you get the picture. I had dinner at La Piola with dear friends before going home to their place and snuggling down with a hot drink for a lot of late-night conversation. (Friends who have known one for a very long time have a special kind of wisdom.) The next night was another dinner out with Poppa's friends and then there was further eatage and drinkage on Friday at Giovanni's for lunch and Atlas Cafe for dinner as I was taking Poppa to The Ballet and visiting with family just happened to fit in. Somehow, we had to cook for ourselves the last two days but there was another lunch out tucked in there along with further family time.

It rained, of course, and I had to buy new gumboots. As I have a bag of wellies here at home, I was not amused but I cheered up when all I could find in my size were these (sort of) at the local Buckerfields for Buckerfields prices. Yah and Hoo!! They are now resident at Poppa's in 'opes of future rainy visits. They were very handy (?footy?) when we went to the cabin to consider Roofing Options. Apparently, we will first have to consider Access Options as the blackberry vines on the road side are almost as thick as my wrist and the otters have been using the beach side as their personal toiletting facility. Next trip will require serious pruners as well as shovel and rake. The blue tarp is still doing what blue tarps do very well which was a relief.

And now, I'm home and sorting papers and taking bags of Useful But Not To Me stuff to places where such stuff can be used.

The house is quiet again as The Jr Boy has found his own digs and gone there. He has a cozy basement with cold floors so his felt clogs are getting a workout. I thought about taking my new felt ballet flats down there (for when I am invited to visit not for him to wear and also so I wouldn't have to look at my dumarsedness) but they have been turned into bed shoes as the ars-to-Gowry soles make the toes turn up in a most unflattering fashion (as in, too unflattering to consider leaving at TJB's where he would have to look at them!). Bed shoes are what people like me who can get chilblains in the summer wear instead of bed socks. (Actually, I didn't know about bed shoes until I made this pair!!!) To my credit, there is a bit of uncertainty in one part of the pattern but the sole issue was all my own + a bit of this lady's problem (read almost the whole of 29 Jan post). Ah well, at least my feet are warm in bed! And I have enough yarn to make a proper pair for leaving anywhere I please!

Still breathing


Blogger Mrs.Q said...

Brilliant tip on the gusset hole info! Too late for sock #1, but I'll definitely use it for sock # 2. Thanks!

4:33 p.m.  

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