Friday, January 01, 2010


Binary code for a title is pretty hot stuff for someone who is not only old enough to remember the computer that filled the basement of the Commerce Bldg at UBC but old enough to have worked part-time as a keypunch/data input operator. One space out of place and the whole program died. Not so good times. My children remind me that the computers in their cell phones are probably more powerful than that computer and I remind them that I usually use a fountain pen so we are about even.

The driveway has been shovelled for the first time in this decade. It took waaaaay longer than it should have due to two things: neighbours out for New Year's Walks and the Cedar Waxwings. The neighbours I see fairly often but the Waxwings are another story.

They were really busy when I went out - their chirrups are higher pitched than anything else but I didn't pay attention because I was Shovelling. After the second pass of the flock and the splat of orange droppings landing about me, I noticed. They were stripping the rowan tree that I warned the backhoe guy about and, as they finished, they launched into the firs and pines chattering like debutantes who had gotten into the chaperone's punch bowl.

They don't come every year and I have never seen such a flock of them. If I had remembered my new camera (!!!), there might have been a picture. As it is, they will be in my mind's eye as harbingers of grace, joy, abundance, and companionship this New Year.

Blessings be.

Still breathing.


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Beautiful. Thank you!

6:32 p.m.  

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