Monday, August 24, 2009


After the saga of getting the piano here - the one that cost more in storage fees than it is worth on the market but I don't care because it was The Sr Boy's father's not the p-i-t-a b-i-l's so score one for the good guys but who's counting?? - ummm, yes - after getting that piano here, it had to 'settle in'. 'Settling in' when one is a piano is sort like what a cat does only without the kneading paws and finicky eating. 'Settling in' means getting used to the new, dessicated environment after living in the West Coast Temperate Marine one (thanks a lot Social Studies 9) of ocean breezes and dampness.

I knew it needed tuning - the p-i-t-a wouldn't have wasted perfectly good booze and whatever money on something so silly as piano tuning - but it needed a few months to settle in. When even I could hear how out of tune it was, recommendations were garnered, phone calls made and today Mr. van P arrived to do magic.

Magic, as The Jr Girl's Friend commented, is very loud. And very discordant. The Sr Boy is definitely out of the building as he wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes. I hung about and got a crash course in a lot of things I have already forgotten and the beginning of a new vocabulary: temper (not what you think), una corda, 440hz. The Jr Boy blew in and recruitment to a choir was attempted by Mr. van P. Don't know how successful but he'll get another try at that and furthering my piano tuning education in about three months. The poor piano was so far out of tune, re-tuning has to be done in stages.

Does that sound like anyone else's life?

I am about to take my clean (thanks, Mum) rowing callused hands over there and make music.

Without wincing.


Still breathing


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