Friday, December 04, 2009

Weather report

I am Away From Home. Quite Away in fact: deep in the south of Texas in Houston hanging out with my buddy DZ for a week. We have plans for Things To Do including going to the Houston Ballet to see The Nutcracker (she is a ballet virgin and this will be a "gentle" deflowering), exploring the local farmers' market at Rice Uni, (sorry no links - I'm using her laptop and linkage is beyond me), possible day trips to San Antonio (don't hold yer breath) and Galveston/Gulf shore as well as the usual of spending time together with someone I really like but don't know all that well. There may be wine involved, coffee is a given as is a trip to the local beauty emporium to consider new hair colour possibilities for her (I'm sticking with red).

So lots of plans which we will get right on as soon as we finish standing at the window with our coffee cups wearing our summer t-shirts, laughing.

In honour of two Canadian women with time on their hands, it's snowing in Houston.

I may have to teach her to knit.

Still breathing


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