Friday, December 25, 2009

Another First

We - The Jrs and I - are having Christmas on our own at home this year. So far, there is a tree (acquired by The Jrs the day The Girl arrived from Back East and small enough to fit into The Boy's truck thus obviating the need for rope and roof racks) which is decorated with lights and ribbons (another New and Broadening Experience as that was The Sr Boy's domain) and some strings of stars which used to hang in the windows. The dove on top is from a decoration on one of our wedding gifts. There are presents under the tree and The Jr Boy has just gone off to finish his wrapping. Nothing in newspaper so far. The stockings are still full - a sure indication of growing up as there was breakfast and coffee first. Prosecco and cranberry juice are chilling. A turkey is waiting in the frig, red cabbage is already cooked and waiting 'til sundown to rewarm. Church has been attended and all the people who ask after The Jrs got to see one and give a year's supply of hugs. It is a beautiful sparkling day and a walk will occur this afternoon. We are all, in our various ways, heart-lonely but I think we will make it.

Blessings be to all of you who stop by to check in. May there be light in your lives this season and throughout the new year.

Still breathing....


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