Friday, August 21, 2009

And furthermore,

- When driving to the Coast over the second highest mountain pass in the province at any time of year, expect winter conditions. The 6" of slush last weekend was nasty enough for me and terrible for the 3 flipped over vehicles in the opposite lane. The second highest mountain pass, people - a pass that is higher than the highest "mountain" in Great Britain.

- Books on cd make trips to the Coast easier. Inspector Morse needs more attention than I expected but A Room with a View does not and is quite surprisingly funny.

- Poppa's cottage looks very spiffy in its new roof. I hate to admit that my father was right about improving the appearance.

- My windows are replaced but the finishing is not finished. As I volunteered to be the alternate employment site, I can't blame anyone else (Rats!). It looks pretty damgood as it is and today the light switch got installed so I can stop pouring I mean making dinner in the dark.

- Drywalling makes appalling amounts of dust. I have vaccuumed more in the last two weeks than the last two ummmmmmm...... Well, little (ok, BIG!) while.

- Yesterday, Toronto got tornadoes and the East Coast is about to be landed upon by the remainders of Hurricane Bill. Hope they get the weather sorted out before I get there in 2 weeks because it's all about me, right????

- Last night, we got thunder and lightning and more fires started. Not that I'm keeping score.

- Friends with swimming pools when it is 36 stinking degrees are as gemstones. Friends who know where to go for walks in woods with cedar trees in this town are as magi.

- There will be time spent with family over the next week as The Jr Girl and Her Man arrive tomorrow and we have tickets together with The Jr Boy and His Lady to do this. Poppa arrives on Friday next for a couple of nights which may include planning this year's Road Trip.

- The rowing coaches' weeks off match my trip Down East eggzackly. How cool is that? Apparently autumn rowing requires a few more layers and gumboots. (Good thing I didn't toss out the bag of those I found in the garage). TJG has a walking tour of Toronto planned for me so I guess I won't be entirely devoid of exercise while away.

- Isn't TO a bit big for a walking tour? Maybe it's not the whole city?

- In preparation for familial invasion, I mean arrivals, not to mention training for walking tour, I have to get vaccuuming and making beds and buying wine and beer..... maybe some food.....

Still breathing....


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