Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not a knitting blog, 2

This is not a knitting blog - I feel the need to re-iterate that as some people have ended up here thinking it was. Yes, I knit (last count eleventy-five things on needles and/or in time out) but this rambling isn't about that (unless you count the time I wrote about it not being a knitting blog about a year ago). This rambling is about the stuff I am trying to work out and/or report on to the wider universe. (That's where those postings the Bl*%%er eats go: To the Universe and Beyond!)

Having said that about not being a knitting blog and all: I am having more fun than I should have knitting the shawl from Amy Singer's No Sheep for You and that includes restarting it 3 times and finding and spending more time tinking back a fiddly but important glitch than it would have taken to rip and re-knit. Tuscany in Fleece Artist's Sea Wool in a discontinued colour but sort of like what would happen if a bunch of pumpkins met some old bricks. It's not for me because those are totally not my colours but the right person will appear and in the meantime I'm having all this fun. Who knew??

And for those of you who remember about the sweater I made for The Jr Boy - the sweater big enough for him, a few friends and a couple of 2-4s?? Found the perfect guy for it (Wonder S-I-L's beau - long story) and we are all pretty happy. Except now, I need to make The Jr Boy his own in an appropriate size. Still have the pattern plans, just need to remember about gauge.....

And charting: turns out I'm a chart person not a written out pattern person. Maybe if I made myself a chart, I'd be finishing another little languisher? Hmmmm.....

Meanwhile, there are people arriving for dinner and the vaccuuming still isn't done. Just one more row...

Still breathing....

Ed. to add: And, having entertained myself by re-reading my own Sept 08's posts: the new windows in the sunroom this rainy morning are NOT LEAKING! Yah and also HOO!!


Anonymous AlisonH said...

That's funny. I bet I've got that exact same Fleece Artist yarn, and it's not my colors either. I bought it at Stitches East a year ago, and now I think I finally know who it was meant for all along--if I still feel that way when I finish my current project, (which I just can't stop when I'm so close)... We shall see.

Love your description of that colorway!

9:31 p.m.  

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