Monday, December 07, 2009

Houston vs Kelowna in Five Rounds

Some ways Houston, TX, is like Kelowna, BC:
1.) There is snow.
2.) There are people.
3.) There is a Saturday Farmers' Market with local vegetables and fruit and Indian food.
4.) There is a charming production of The Nutcracker.
5. ) There is weather.

Some ways Houston, TX, is not like Kelowna, BC:
1.) Snow that does not land on the ground much less stick will
a) close the airport
b) close schools
c) send staff home early from all sorts of places
2.) People here come in such variety. So far, a conversation with one woman from Egypt in full chador and another conversation with a gentleman from Nigeria via Switzerland which didn't work for him because it was too racist and that was one shuttle ride. Of course, there are also the security guards at the grocery store who are armed with guns.
3.) The Farmers' Market fruit was all citrus. Did you know oranges and grapefruit come in varieties and are harvested at different times?? There were also only 6 vendors - the rest stayed away due to Friday's weather (see #1)
4.) The Nutcracker as produced by a company which has over 75 donors who put down $5000 + each for the Annual Operating Fund (I didn't bother to count the other two pages which list the $500 - 4999 donors), a company of over 50 dancers and a full-on technical and support staff, has a cannon that goes "poot" not "BANG!!!!!!"
5.) So far, there has been snow(falling about laughing), brilliant sun and cold, rain (shoes still soggy) and fog (airport may be closed again) Hmmmm: except for the rain, maybe this is more like Kelowna than I thought. Pause to look out window: Nope: the guys across the street are putting out bedding plants. Also: everyone is all bundled up and DZ and I are walking about in our Goretex with long-sleeved t-shirts.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kelowna anymore....

Still breathing


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