Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Second best moment of the day...

I go to a Pilates class (medium/intense level) with such a good instructor that my buddy and I have followed her from place to place for the past 5 years. The current class is FULL of Cute Young Things with lots of Lalalemon and tight little bums and flat tums - they LOOK really fit and strong and they work in Silence, (I mean it - I've been in noisier churches) checking themselves out in the mirrors.

My buddy and I, we are The Old Guard (although she doesn't look it as she looks good in Lalalemon and I can't be bothered finding my Bought at a Flea Market in France pull-ons do just fine). We grunt and groan and make rude comments to the instructor who laughs at us and pays us no nevermind. Mostly, we are Good Girls and Keep Ourselves on Our Own Mats (apparently, that's Pilates/Yoga/Exercise talk for our family's Comparisons are Odious). Except sometimes, we just can't help ourselves especially when we are still chugging along with whatever the Wonder Instructor is telling us to do and the rest of the gang are lying on the floor gasping.

Today, I was there on my own (buddy being out of town) and, without the Other Half of Old Guardedness was totally minding my own business/mat (that means the Wonder Instructor asked if I was sick because I wasn't making complaints). We were somewhere in the middle of eleventy-seven repeats of something with a full-on engaged core (unless it was the threety-fifth repeat of what the WI refers to as Plank and we all know are Push-Ups which are also supposed to have engaged core as well as tucked tail and tight elbows) when, into the Deep Silence, the Cute Young Thing next to me asked plaintively, "What does it mean when you start to see stars?"

Broke us all right up.

May have to get her an Old-Guard-in-Training card.

First best moment: The Jr Boy has moved back in for a month (all good). Today, he cast a calculating eye over The Stuff that Needs to be Dealt With and I could see a Plan of Action germinating. Dump trips may be required. OhyeahOhyeahOhyeah!!!!!

Still breathing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you will have to be getting that trailer hitch after all! Could he stop by here en route to the dump .... preferably with a near-empty trailer.... K

10:21 p.m.  

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