Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lammas Notes

Some harvest from the past month:

- weeding a labyrinth is hard on the knees and back but good for the soul.
- raise one's children properly and they will take care of evacuating one's home should that be necessary (it wasn't but it was good to have it done. Now both Jrs have had a shot at it - maybe I should move before I have to do it myself??)
- my father (age 87) can work two roofers (combined ages ~ 70) to a standstill. (Exchange of excellence between Rfr 1 and Rfr 2 after watching my father: Rfr 1: "Ya know "Fred" (Rfr 3 and not on this job) should see this guy work." Rfr 2: "Fred's eyeballs couldn't move that fast!")
- 33 degrees inside the house is too hot to do anything except sit in the basement ripping address labels from bike magazines (circa 1983 - 2004, 11 issues/year. You do the math...)
- rowing gets better when one does it 5 days/week.
- - - rowing will get even better when I make some heel blocks so I can actually use the foot plate to push from.
- booking airline tickets early for The Wedding of The Year in PEI = quite good ticket prices. Who knew??
- knitting in 33 degrees is not to be thought of.
- nor, surprisingly, is drinking gin or white wine or beer unless that's all I'm having for dinner in which case one beer seems to be enough.
- I should be losing weight.
- I am not.
- friends are still the best investment (after the aforementioned children) - I am so blessed.
- I am a reasonably good poet.
- when I write more, I get better. (see above note about rowing 5/7 days/week, Missy!!)
- guys in the house doing window replacement who said they'd be done in 2 - 3 weeks are going to be done in 2 - 3 weeks. After the last "Men in the House" debacle, I am impressed.
- taking out 12 trees makes the house look very exposed but now I can star watch on the front steps (while escaping the fragging hot house because there are no trees for shade ... and no trees filling up the eavestroughs with 'combustibles')
- firefighters and helicopter crews. If you have to ask, you don't live in BC this summer.

Still breathing
and my suitcase is still in my car.....


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