Monday, June 16, 2008

Bench-racing, Bootles and KIP

So: where did you KIP on Saturday? KIP? You know: Knit In Public??? I don't remember where I KIP last year: it may have been at work but the year before is indelible: ICU at KGH and it was right before I yelled at the anaesthesiologist, the orthopod, and the respirologist about the lack of co-ordination in my Darling Man's care. Cutbacks in hospital care dollars, I hates 'em!!

So... where was I KIP on Saturday? At a gathering of the motorcycle tribe known as "The Not Mara Lake Rally" held this year in beautiful Crawford Bay, BC (home of this and this and this) as well as being on one of the most beatiful motorcycling roads in the province. (don't click on the link if you get motion sick!) This particular branch of the tribe of motorcyclists is a bit out there: average age is getting closer to that of pensioner, the newest of the bikes was born in 1955 which makes for lots of possibilities for things to go amiss due the vagaries of age (humans and machines having that commonality). The Sr Boy had his share of "amisses" and our machine provided lots of parking lot mechanic opportunities and subsequent stories over the years.

That was not my job this year: Agnes-the-RAV being a well-behaved 4-wheeler and 50 years younger was quite useful for sheltering people from the Friday downpour and portering back the guts and garters of an engine on its way to the Wizards of Wancouver who will work their particular brand of make-it-go magic upon it. I came home with some +mas pressies (!!!), some amazing bread, triple cream brie and a bottle of Bootles gin. And two socks to the start of the heel.

Here's the thing about using the beautiful wooden Brittany needles size 2.25mm: they will, if bent beyond optimum, break. I am now down to seven needles which is a perfect number for going around and around and around on two socks alternately. Heel flaps are also manageable but require some focus which tends to get a bit lost when drinking Bootles and listening to the bench-racing stories. Hence: two socks ready to go on the heel flaps. Not bad for a weekend of motorcycling, eh?

Music for the journey: Down at the Fair by these women. Watch out for track 7....

Still breathing....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knit in public at the Safeway in Carmel. It was a sock on two circs and it startled the clerk so much that it's a good thing I wasn't using DPNs -- I do believe that would have killed the poor woman.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It was much appreciated.

12:32 p.m.  

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