Friday, June 06, 2008

Garage thoughts

First off: my apologies to those of you who decided to drive to the Coast today and ran into the "compact, slushy, and slippery" up on the Coq. It's my fault for deciding that, as there was no longer visible snow on the hills across the lake, it was safe to visit my favourite tire guys yesterday and switch off the winters for the summers. Sorry.

Getting the tires out the day after the power washer was here and semi-flooded the garage gave me the opportunity for a look 'round in the garage instead of the usual drive in/drive out. The Juniors and I (but mostly them) have done some dealing with the garage but we are at a bit of a stall in that there are things that need to go as in "leave" and something else that needs to go as in "run." The stuff that needs to leave (and I suspect you've heard about these before now) includes a non-working engine for the Escort that was totalled over a year ago and several wire wheels from Berte-the-B left from the changeover Himself made so Berte would be more slalomable. (Guess it worked as I have found a beer mug that says "First Place - Match Time".) What does one do with things like that in the general world? I know that all it would take is a few phone calls but inertia seems to have its sticky tentacles wrapped about me. Perhaps putting it in this place will push me forward.

And as for something that needs to go as in "run": offloading the n-w engine would give The Jr Boy's Girl her own parking space instead of being wedged between Agnes and Berte (great names for a '40s story, eh? Maybe I should get on that.... did I mention that along with the inertia, I tend [stop laughing, kids!] to be a bit distractable?) and then I could roll Berte out, put in his new (and charged up) battery, cross my fingers and turn the key. Last summer, with the newness of Agnes, starting him was too much. This year, he deserves at least a few runs even if they are only on temporary plates. And if I get Berte moving back and forth in the garage, the wire wheels might magickly disappear, too!!

Figuring out that the Good Housekeeping Fairy is me has been a huge shock!!

Anyone want some wire wheels??

Of course, if I want to drive the B, I might have to keep the n-w engine to provide the distraction required by the weather gods: when a friend on the Island wanted to go for a ride, he used to throw a set of bike cases out on the driveway so the weather gods would think he was working on the machine and provide a lovely sunny day. He swore it worked every time. Oh wait: I don't live on the Island, I live here in the (supposedly) sunny Okanagan.

The engine goes.

But not the croquet set.

Still breathing.


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