Monday, May 19, 2008


and longer:

- shorts (condition and colour of legs bedamned) for third day in a row

- tulips unsullied by deer lips

- deer waking me up by thumping through the hedge to sleep on the neighbour's garden instead of ours

- the white lilac blooming after 5 years of niente

- Ballet Kelowna's "Affairs of the Heart"

- fresh, local asparagus in the market and my frig

- Bonanza Red marigolds - 1 flat (the image is a bit of a cheat but the colour is right on)

- these books: The Gin and Tonic Gardener; Weather Report; The Blue Hour of the Day; The Gospel of Thomas

- delight of a good Guzzi sale

- new hanging baskets

- 39 + 14 bags of garden refuse

- using Agnes as a stump-puller

- not burning out Agnes' clutch

- a lonnnnngggggg Spring

- piano practice

- small plans

Still breathing