Friday, June 03, 2011

One more sign

In the interests of not embarrassing myself (not too much anyway), there are a few pre-summer (and wedding - yikes!) things happening here: to wit: repainting of deck chairs and tables. There are six of the former, two of the latter and all of the Adirondack persuasion. Think: really comfortable wooden chair with armrests wide enough for both G&T and the cryptic crossword that takes me a week to (sometimes) finish. Also think: slats. Lots of slats. There will be a small pause here whilst I go out to the garage and count the slats.......


15 per chair, 9 per table which works out to 4[(6 x 15) + (2 x 9)] = a lot of fiddly painting (the 4 is because all four sides of the slats have to be done, right?) Of course, it helps that the finish on the chairs is really good (Gr 9 woodwork class, $50.00 each = Total Bargain) and that the tables are so old that they are more or less in pieces which will be put back together but which makes the 4-sidedness a bit more bearable but it is still a lot of slats along with the other essentials such as legs and armrests. The chairs are blue (4) and anotherblue (2) and the tables black. The anotherblue I invented by mixing some wrongblue with the black until it was the rightblue but is maybe really grey.

I've gotten quite organized - I do them back/bottom-side first because there seems to be more of that (do not try to logic me out of this idea - it is working quite well for me thankyouverymuch) and then flip them upright when dry and do the much smaller amount of top.

Flipped the first chair and there was the sign:

there are paint runs.

The Sr Boy would never have had paint runs - and if by chance one sneaked in, it would have been sanded to a faretheewell. Turns out, I am not TSB: I apologized to him, knocked the worst off with the brush handle and painted on.

It's coming up five years.

Funny how some paint runs conflate time and distance.

Still breathing


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