Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Don't worry, Mum..."

being right up there among the phrases sure to resonate with all you parents out there, this is to advise that,
Yes, the Jr Girl is living and working in TO and
Yes, there was an earthquake there, and
Yes, she did feel it, and
Yes, she is OK, and
Yes, she did what all properly brought-up Jrs do - called her Mum

who said,

"What earthquake??"

My daughter beats CeeBeeCee News yet again.

That is all. Except perhaps for the wildlife sighted several times on the deck. Research shows it may be a bushy-tailed woodrat aka: packrat. These guys are cute as buttons but Not Good For Houses. I am hoping that the arm flapping and deck stomping and observed skedaddling means it was suitably warned off. I don't like traps, can't use a gun, and there's not enough meat for a sandwich nor fur for a tippet on one of those critters.

Still breathing

Friday, June 04, 2010

Four years on

Last year this time we were recovering from the debacle of the 'murican mediation attempt. Suffice to say it did not go well and, while much is not right/good about our legal system here, mediation as practiced is a true attempt to come to agreement and is not a fishing-for-info trip.


I don't remember two or three years ago this date without going to the calendars but I remember four years ago. Horizon Airlines, one small rucksack with my passport but no pyjamas, several emails and phone calls, The Jr Boy driving me to the airport while I talked with The Sr Boy's surgeon, an immigration officer in Seattle who was kind, the taxi driver in Reno who turned off the meter when he heard where I was going, the silence of midnight in an enormous hospital, The Sr Boy's puzzled blue eyes and his quiet "I'm glad you're here."


I still have the rucksack – I use it to carry files to and from the lawyers' offices. I bought new pjs. I have flown Alaska/Horizon every time I could. The Jr Boy got the same kind immigration officer on his way through two days later. I've renewed my passport and intend to use it for some serious travel when this is all done.


I checked the Alaska/Horizon website today – the lawyer from the states is coming up for depositions next week.


I couldn't get to Reno today if I had to – all the late flights require an overnight somewhere.


Still breathing