Thursday, June 05, 2014


there ARE angels.  After a lonnggggg day in the driver's seat and a very UNhelpful front desk at the local Holiday Inn, this is where I ended up If you watch the scroll through - I am in a room like that only facing the other way and without the clutter of the sofa as there is a Murphy bed.  All this including a glass of wine at dinner for less than the HI!!

I really don't want to leave - the deck door is open, I can hear the river and my shoulders keep falling out of my ears - it's as if they've been up there for months.  There is a full breakfast waiting but I may make a coffee and sit on the deck in the sun in my pjs until they throw me out.

Go, Angels!!

still breathing

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

heading out

What does it take for someone to post again?  Apparently a road trip.

California here I come.

Still breathing.