Monday, June 06, 2011


It's finding a place to hang the wind chime because the carefully crafted screen framework is gone from the south deck (now that I have two new decks, I am reduced to cardinal directions).

It's deciding to scrape and paint the planter boxes even though it is only the paint holding them together because there is no one to build new ones with the same attention to angles and I'm not going to learn how nor buy the necessary equipment this year.

It's the phone calls from friends who notice dates and check in.

It's drinking a lot of soda and tonic instead of gin.

It's staying up too late because the light is longer, later, and the evening air is almost a gossamer embrace.

It's 16 cans to the paint recycling. Which one of us decided that it was ok to hang onto cans of stain rusted shut?

It's thinking/not thinking "five years ago, I was making you a chicken sandwich from the ward frig and I found you some ice cream and apple juice to go with it."

It's trying not to go down.

Still breathing


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