Sunday, March 05, 2017

And why now?

This started out as a record of travels and withered as the travelling of daily life seemed somehow not worthy of notice.  After all, how often can one make having tea with a friend sound as interesting as, say, the Sistine Chapel (no, I haven't been there but you get the idea).  Now this is from a person who used the phrase "Comparisons are odious" so often that the now-adult children have been known to murmur it in their sleep.  A daily life is worthy of notice if not of record and quite a lot of life has happened.  Some of it I might write about at some point:  selling the house, the birth of WonderGrandchild, the death of my father, and the impending selling of his house AKA The Family Home, seem to be needing some review.

But not today.

Today is for figuring out how to get back onto this platform using some still-new-to-me technology and, to my quiet surprise, it seems to have worked.

And why now?

Well, because some friends said, "Come.  All you need is a helmet.  We can get everything else in the charity shops."

Going to New Zealand.  Not Ordinary Daily Life.  Need to Keep a Record.

Stay tuned.

Still breathing.


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