Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Don't worry, Mum..."

being right up there among the phrases sure to resonate with all you parents out there, this is to advise that,
Yes, the Jr Girl is living and working in TO and
Yes, there was an earthquake there, and
Yes, she did feel it, and
Yes, she is OK, and
Yes, she did what all properly brought-up Jrs do - called her Mum

who said,

"What earthquake??"

My daughter beats CeeBeeCee News yet again.

That is all. Except perhaps for the wildlife sighted several times on the deck. Research shows it may be a bushy-tailed woodrat aka: packrat. These guys are cute as buttons but Not Good For Houses. I am hoping that the arm flapping and deck stomping and observed skedaddling means it was suitably warned off. I don't like traps, can't use a gun, and there's not enough meat for a sandwich nor fur for a tippet on one of those critters.

Still breathing


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Oh, that's funny--because I got the news from a friend who works in the *very same building*, it turned out, as my daughter in Vermont. The friend was--well, let's just say she felt it. Definitely. She emailed me immediately going, so this is what it must be like for you in California! WOW!

So I send a note to my daughter.
I got the blase' Californian, going, 5.5? Eh, I don't even feel 5.5's, Mom, they're not worth noticing.

10:31 a.m.  

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