Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why this is not a knitting blog 3.0

I knew I shouldn't have done it but I did. What? you've never done something you thought was a good, well, an OK idea and then found out that your first instinct that it really was not a good idea was the one to listen to not the second instinct (which wasn't really an instinct at all but another eejit idea floating about - they should have to wear fluorescent vests or something those ideas that are masquerading as instincts) which said, oh whatthehell what could go wrong???

Do NOT, do NOT EVER, put some knitting that has gone bad beside some other knitting that also gone bad. So help me yarn, they cross-pollinate and create even more projects-of-infinity than one wants to consider.

Cases in Point: The Christmas Sock Knitting.

I started The Jr Girl's first because there was a bit of a pattern and they were being knit on 2.25 mm needles: not a huge job but lots of stitches that take some time even while reading all the blogs I read. First Sock: A+ so it seemed reasonable to start The Jr Boy's sock. The Jr Girl's Second Sock: 3 rip backs, 2 major tinks (oxymoronic??), and a complete screw-up in the counting of a simple 6 and 2 row pattern. These, finally finished, were left to rest up before their trip to the big city. Resting up beside The Jr Boy's Christmas Socks in Progress. On a scale of Not a Good Idea, this is a 99.3 out of 100.

The Jr Boy's Christmas Socks followed my usual issues with him and size but I thought I was pretty clever by stopping after Sock 1 to let him try it on. Total re-knit required and completed. Sock 2 cast on and then ripped when I couldn't remember that I'd changed the rib from k2p2 to k1p1 so I counted for k1p1 but knit up k2p2. Re-knit up to and including a beeyouteefull short row heel and then, somehow, managed to make the foot 4 stitches wider than its brother sock which is not a problem with usual sock yarn but when knitting with Aran weight.... sigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Also: because I was sure I'd nailed it (except for the part when I didn't check it out against its brother but why would I when it was the same number of stitches except it wasn't), I kitchenered the toe and sewed the end of the (very black) yarn in really, really well.

Do NOT EVER put gone-bad projects together.

Looking for my scissors

and still breathing.


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