Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New season

The children at the neighbourhood school have been busy: massive snowballs dot the soccer pitch. The rollers were still wearing their snow pants and snow boots but there were a lot of jackets are hanging on the fence. Snowball rolling is hot work.

Hmmmm.... Perhaps I could organize teams of school-children to come up to my place and driveway clear by rolling monster snowballs?? They could bowl them down the gulley and make a new Olympic event!

In the absence of organized school-children, the driveway got one more shovelling this morning just in time for the predicted temperature drop currently underway: -8 and falling. At least the cold came attached to a high pressure which, together with the wet snow, cleaned out the air and left it sparkling and bright which meant:

Tah dah!!

First ski of the season!!

The skis could have used a clean and I can't find the "new" wax box/ice cream pail nor my favourite mitts - I think they got evacuated last summer during fire season - but it was glorious: barely used tracks, blue wax, sunglasses, and not-me in the ditches on the road there and back (the sunny day made for surface melt on frozen roads and people thinking "wet" instead of "ice" - you do the physics).

There was silence, not simply quiet, but silence. No engine noise of any sort - the usual planes were nowhere to be heard, the track groomer was not running, the brush clearers were finished for the day. It was me, the snow, the sun, and two ravens falling all over each other through the sky.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same.

Bring it on!

Still breathing


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