Sunday, July 05, 2009

Denial = what I think - what is

As in: if I only row 5 days a week, including a trip almost to the bridge (5 km one way) and a couple of goes in a single, but not 7 days, then I am not addicted to rowing. Not even when I am going to bed at 2145h and getting up at 0500h. Not even when I am developing calluses on my hands. Not even when the best moment of my day is when I manage several strokes in perfect balance before it all goes to sh*t. Again.

I have bought new water shoes, more sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses that fog up when I really get going.

I am surprised at myself.

And quite chuffed.

There is, however, a slight problem: I have to go away for three weeks and there is no rowing where I'm going.

I almost decided to cancel, but I didn't.

Because I'm not really an addict.

Still breathing


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