Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catching up

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the story of the bike-in-a-box, you can relax. This is not it!! On the other hand, if you know anyone who would like to purchase a Moto Guzzi in pieces, get in touch!

What makes one not write? We have had this problem previously when The Sr Boy and I returned from The Grand Adventures and life became "ordinary" and why bother to observe or even comment upon it? (Tell that to Proust or Annie Dillard) Life, after the uproar of The First Year, has settled into a slog of sameness that requires effort. To wit: I have "done" birthdays including remembering to buy presents and cards in time even if they weren't sent to the celebrant, we "did" Christmas with my father, my uncle (now, sadly, dogless but a good thing for all including us as getting her into the jampacked vehicle to go to the Island would not have been pretty), and my brother. There was no blood and no obviously hurt feelings so The Day itself was marked as a Success. (Note to file: buying Christmas goats from these guys for all of the the above guys made for the easiest wrapping job ever!) This was followed by a day of collapsing and then the Wild Rumpus of all the cousins, in-laws, and assortments for what is verging on becoming a tradition: a "no leftovers allowed" pasta dinner. It is waaaayyyy helpful to have Juniors who have worked in the food biz b/c they absolutely rocked that meal. There were to have been twelve of us around the table but the cousins decided that eating on the floor in front of the fireplace was much more fun so we "adults" were left to deal with the wine bottles and - well, the wine bottles.

Celebrated the New Year in bed. Sick.

I am celebrating the end of February in bed. Sick.

I am not amused but resigned. It's almost as if all the holding at bay done in the past while has come home to roost and if I don't pay attention and take care of myself, no one else is going to. I haven't been in my pjs this many consecutive days since I had chicken pox. (Grade 4? 5? and no tv - imagine dealing with that! Thank goodness for books. And my mum's button box. And her jewellry box.) I know I'm not well b/c I not only did I have no interest in knitting, for two days, the written word had no appeal either. That, my dears, is me, in Newfoundlandspeak, right some jeezly sick. Both knitting and reading seem to have waited patiently and the socks I have to knit toe-up because someone gave me a torchy skein of yarn that will barely make a pair have been the source of much new learning and language practice. In this gray light what's not to like about some yarn called "Flames"? My feet warm up simply looking at the colour. Taking care of myself.

The paper white hyacinths are finished blooming and I am left with the green of foliage swaying around the base of the - wait a sec while I get the tape measure - 28 inch, what's that about .7m?? - amaryllis that hasn't started to bloom. I hope the deer that have been wandering up from the gully and across the deck do not decide to come in for lunch. All the indoor greenery must look pretty good compared to what's available outside.

Enough for now. Thankful that SunRype is back at work. (Living on apple juice and water half and half) Thankful that Jr Boy's Lady did the shopping I needed - who knew that Echinacea came in 2500 mg doses?? Thankful that talking without coughing is getting closer. Thankful that the WonderBoss is so understanding "Who wants you in here when you're sick???"

Still breathing.



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