Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just call me...

The Pine Needle Princess.

It's the semi-annual time of year when the regional district allows homeowners to put out for collection "as many bags of garden refuse as they want" as well as "prunings tied in bundles". In The Old Days we never did this. We had a car with a hitch, the trailer would be loaded, runs to the dump would be taken. Still have the trailer but Agnes is, thus far, hitchless.

This afternoon, I raked, bagged and stacked 41 garbage bags of pine needles. And took out 4 junipers. A pick was used. Also rakes: garden and grass. And a shovel. And some applied physics: a 9ft 2x2 makes a rudimentary ("better than no") yoke. If the Garden Refuse Crew doesn't come tomorrow, there may be more.

If I can lift my arms.

Liniment would be nice as would someone to rub it into me but in the absence of both, I have learned how to reset the hot-tub. Maybe a massage later in the week if not a chiro treatment. Thanks be that The Jr Boy left some beer.

I am proud of myself. And hoping the GRC will take the junipers even though they aren't officially "prunings".

They aren't tied up either.

Worst case: I can load those suckers into Agnes and deliver them to the dump myownself.

Still breathing.

And hoping my arms will move tomorrow.


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