Saturday, September 27, 2008

Road Trip

Don't hold yer breath waiting for posts. Going on a Road Trip with Poppa. Back when we're done!

But first this update: Caulking still holding. (I know I didn't tell you about the process. I'm saving that for a day when I have nothing else to tell you.) Helpful Neighbour has drawn plans for ripping the mess off and replacing with a proper roof. Jr Boy has looked and there is, (no surprise) probably more to it than a simple (is there ever any such thing??) roof replacement. The Proposal: Continue to spend fall/winter dejunking and when I'm tired of that, (no doubt a daily occurence) make the list of What I Would Want If I Were Buying This House. That list could be fairly exhaustive so it's a good thing (a) I'm leaving town for a few days; (b) it's all conjecture otherwise the investment dude would be falling about in panic and (c) that the market here is tanking so I'm not about to list before Christmas anyway. If the market stays tanked, I might start working on the list in some sort of order rather than my usual random (Let's do this. No, let's do that. No! let's do that first and then rip it out to do this properly!! Don't ask how I know this)

Stuff's in the car. Flight's on time. Gotta go.

Still breathing


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