Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished Objects

Three things:

1. The deck is painted. It is a different colour on the deck than on the paint chip. Is anyone else surprised by this?? The sander has not been returned as the new green on the deck doesn't "go" with the old green of the wooden tables and chairs. Sanding of furniture will be done and maybe even some painting in the garage because

2. The engine block is Gone!! Glory and praise and joyous dancing!! Dead Metal Recycling is my new favourite local hauling company! With a bit of reshuffling, I may even be able to reach the vacuum cleaner can and vacuum the

3. New vehicle! The acquisition of which is my new party piece. When I have finished telling it to everyone who will listen, I might tell you all but it sort of loses in translation from voice to print. Suffice to say, that once again, technology wins a game I didn't know I was playing. New vehicle is a green 2005 Toyota RAV4, standard transmission with 52,000km. Does this sound familiar? It should: it is the vehicle I was looking for a year and half ago. Guess I waited long enough. Will miss those heated seats, though.

Caulking report next time.

Still breathing...


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