Sunday, June 17, 2007

Proud Mamma

It's Fathers' Day; this post is for The Two Wonders who made Himself what he considered (but didn't often let them know if ever?) his best and most important job.

The Jr Girl: a quarter century of adventures beginning with a rapid fire entry, learning to swim before she could walk, dancing her way into and out of heartache, travelling, writing. People say she looks like her mother but it's her father's determination and grit I see all the way. After a double honours graduation and a year of editing and writing this magazine ("Meltdown", "Gender", and "Forests" are hers), she is interning with this one in August. Anyone got a spare room in TO??

The Jr Boy: shot into our lives even faster than his sister and has been trying to cover up for that ever since with a deceptively mellow exterior. Do not be fooled. This guy has his father's ability to sit in the weeds and watch and then make the exact right comment/move. He, too, has covered the experience curve pretty well: certificates held include his Pyrotechnics and his Red Seal Chef (both of which he used in the same 24 hours this week although not together) and his passport is well-stamped. I thought he looked like me until the day he sat on the bike in his gear, leaned forward on the handlebars and looked up at me. Almost took my breath away....

You are two delightful, smart, funny, aggravating, loving creatures: you did good work creating "Daddy" out of an already wonderful man.

He was so proud of you and loved you so very much.

Happy Fathers' Day.

Still breathing......


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