Friday, June 08, 2007


I had a perfectly good post about how the last month has been so hard and all the psychobabble explanations thereof but somehow, the Blogsterosaurus has et it.

It will probably show up some day when I am checking in at a fancyshmancy (who am I kidding???) hotel while the receptionist is downloading my reservation. I will look like such a whiner.

In other news: The Junior Boy and I are off to the wilds of northern Warshington to hang out with the Vincent gang. It will be good to see all and sundry even as it will also be difficult. I hope my expired passport will get me through the border - our neighbours to the south have some strange ideas about where trouble really comes from.

The Junior Girl is somewhere in Morocco but coming "home" at the end of the month for some Family Togetherness Time (aka: clearing out the basement and maybe painting Poppa's house) before heading to Toronto for a stint at "The Walrus". Anyone got any spare basement suites that they don't need and will rent for free????

The ongoing B-I-L saga: he missed the deadline to purchase the family home by one day. I warned him a year ago to not p*## me off but he seems to be a slow learner. Wonder what his (newly hired) lawyer thought when he got the letter from my solicitor that pointed out the deadline miss and also advised that his client owes the estate $56K + costs???

Last year, this time, many of you were reading emails from The Jr Boy and keeping us in your prayers. Last year, this time, I still expected The Sr Boy to wake up. Last year, this time, the die was already cast and we didn't know it.

Himself had left the building.

There were no more possibilities, no more conditional tenses.

Only new learnings, new realities.

Such silence, such appalling loneliness.

Will report on the Not-Mara Lake Rally next week.

Still breathing


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