Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aggravations and other things

In no particular order:

1. In an otherwise lovely set of 5 Brittany needles, one has developed catches.
2. The bathroom? STILL unfinished.
3. The pile of rubbish from the bathroom? STILL unhauled.
4. A nuthatch is making holes in the house. Beyond the reach of the extension ladder even with the extension Himself created to make said ladder even more extended.
5. Me expecting others to understand my needs when I don't understand 'em myself until I don't have 'em met.
6. FROST on the deck on the 18th of April.
7. Making appointments and writing down the wrong time and arriving and then making instant decisions and .... you can see where this is going ..........
8. Work interfering with fun.

and, in the interests of fairness, the joys:

1. Lorna's Laces in Daffodil - lucky for you I don't "do" pictures b/c you would be pea-green with envy - being knit on 4 needles quite nicely.
2. Money in the bank from not paying contractor.
3. Nuthatches who prefer to work upsidedown thus affirming that The Holy Creator of All Things has a great sense of humour. Just stop doing it on the side of my house!
4. Learning.
5. Hadn't gotten around to putting the gerania out on the deck. They have been told how lucky they are to live with a sloth.
6. Cousins who take care of what I can't.
7. Friends who take care of what I don't know I need until they do it.
8. Saskatoon bushes flouncing their whiteness about the hillsides.
9. Tulips the deer haven't found yet - hmmmm.... maybe b/c the rubbish pile is in the way of their usual route from back to front of the house????
10. Having work.
11. Having fun.
12. Excellent coffee at Bean Scene - sorry no link - and the lovely Nicole who makes lattes with beautiful decorations (y'day's was Phoenix Rising - no kidding!!)
13. Onions from the rochambaut bulbs from Champlain's garden (the originals were planted in 1605, I think) in Port Royal already a foot high. Parsley from last summer's planting taking over the weeds.
14. Ballet Kelowna - get your tickets for anything you can see at the end of the tour. You have been advised.
15. Not getting too bent about frogging a current project 3 times. Am I becoming Mature????
16. Learning how to make links in the blog!
17. Sun roofs when Berte-the-MG is still under winter wraps.
18. "Burnt Norton"

19. Love, no matter what.

Still breathing........


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