Monday, March 19, 2007

A week ago, I wasn't even pregnant...

Settle down! It's not what you think!!!

Today, I took delivery of my first "mine-only" car. It/She/He is a silver 2005 Toyota RAV4 (no comments from the environmentalists, thank you) fully, as "they" say, loaded. My banker, insurance agent, sister-in-law and various friends egged me on. The Jr Boy encouraged. I (sort of) got over my "I want everyone to like me" persona and negotiated a price I (and the bank) can live with despite much whinage by the seller who was "losing money because he was helping his sister out." Guy was a bit surprised to hear (almost as surprised as I was to say it) "Your issues with your sister are not my problem. If you want to talk about being owed money, you should perhaps talk to someone other than a woman who is owed $47K by her indigent b-i-l." Nothing like the old "my family members are more trashy than yours" card!!

Today I learned that buying a car is sort of like labour: after it's all over (if you're very lucky) you don't remember much about the pain, the doubts, and the uncertainty of a safe delivery. There is still, however, The Name. Does the name you picked out beforehand fit the new arrival? (Himself scared my mum by saying, "If it's a boy, Fred; if it's a girl, Fredelle." Apologies to all you Freds/Fredelles but those weren't names my mum wanted to hear. And Yes, the Jrs know how lucky they are)

All our cars have had names and long lives: Mortimer the Meteor (our friend had Bartholomew the Buick) Berte the MGB, Trout the Toyota Tercel, and Sam(oyed) the Ford Escort. Names (except for Berte who came named) were chosen after the vehicles arrived and a certain "familiarity" with one another was established. When Trout and The Sr Boy were rear-ended at 358,000+ kms and IccyBiccy said "total loss", we immediately looked for a replacement and found the same again only a year and 150K kms younger. The naming fell down a bit there as it became Blue Trout (the other one had been green) or truite bleu when practicing our (lack of) bilinguality. I realize that there seems to be a slight function of alliteration going in the names but they all seemed to be quite accepting of the monikers we laid on them as long as the gas kept flowing and the oil was changed regularly.

The New Car is in the garage - very in the garage - so in the garage that I can't see over the top of it to wave g'bye to The Jr Boy as he roars off with a 6-pack for a night of ???. Berte-the-MG is wondering about the lummox taking up all the space and air. Tomorrow, the garage gets a serious sort and re-arrange (well 20 minutes worth anyway). I am now solely responsible for oil changes, tire pressure, brake shoes and alignments not to mention rotating tires and washing and waxing. It's a bit overwhelming so...

Tonight, I am drinking my birthday champers (thank you, Kate) and thinking of names.

All suggestions will be considered. Final decision rests entirely with The New Owner.

No longer a Car Buying Virgin (and available for consults), looking for a good deal on a hitch and.....

still breathing.


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